about us

Our prefix «Lunacop» was approved and registered with the FCI on February 16th 2008.

Behind the prefix is Lone and Øystein Holte. We live by a river, surrounded by beautiful nature and high mountains with our kids and our dogs.

The first Griffon, Foxy, came to us in February 2006. I had never met such a fantastic dog before! It didn’t take long before I started the search for number two, I just had to have one more. And one more. And yet another. And so on… Consider yourself warned -they really are like potato chips!

Now, we haven’t had many litters over the years. Not every dog should be bred, for many reasons. We’ve had dogs who weren’t quite breeding material who all have been rehomed as cherished family pets. We won’t promise a ton of puppies in the future either, but rather a litter every now and then, aiming for both excellent health and breed type.

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